This is an area on the coast of the Baltic sea - where three countries - Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia are located.

Still new to many travellers this are offers highest standard of services - new hotels, exclusive food - from local treats to the fine dining options and lots of possibilities to experience nature.


Relaxing atmosphere, modern vibrant cities, amazing nature, unesco heritage - once you come you fall in love with the Baltics'


Lithuania is a paradise for all SPA lovers - Birstonas and Druskininkai two best known SPA towns, but apart of them there is a huge choice of totally exclusive SPA options - have you tried bees' SPA?


Plenty of music festivals - modern jazz, classical music, opera or trendy modern music. You will find something going on practically any time you come to the Baltics.


It's all about good food, good wine, nature, hiking, sunbathing on lakeshores and experiencing sauna treatments. Baltics' is the region for pampering yourself!

Modern cities

This is the region with the fastest growing economy in Europe so no wonder that you can find here exclusive 

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SPA - pamper yourself

From the SPA centers in the capital cities to the real treat in specially built SPA towns, from the beach to the pine tree forests - Baltics is a paradise for all SPA lovers!

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How about spending a week? You  definitely deserve it!

Amazing history

Lithuania, once a Grand Duchy, dated back one thousand years ago, Latvia - a great port and gateway between East and West in the end of 19th century - you have to hear those stories live!

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Pure nature

Tired of busy city? Come to Lithuania and spend some time on the bank of the lake, take long hikes, eat natural food and, what is most amazing - we have good internet even on the lake!


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