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Minsk - trending incentive destination

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Minsk – the most undiscovered capital in Europe, once a very closed one, now opening its doors to international visitors and you going to be amazed! New infrastructure makes your stay easy and pleasant but apart of that a totally different city is waiting for you – mysterious with its habits, but very friendly and natural.

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During the time of its eventful history, Minsk, which is even older than Moscow, was completely burned down 18 times, and yet reborn again and again.

It is not thoroughly established, but most likely the name of the city came from the Mena River, which was a tributary of the Ptich River.

Most of the valuable architectural sights of Minsk are located in the Trinity Suburb. Now, it is a part of the old town complex and is in a state of gradual restoration. Tourists can visit Minsk museums, exhibitions and various small restaurants with open terraces on the banks of Svisloch river.

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