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Luxury stay - our choice - IDW Esperanza

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

IDW Esperanza resort – once you get there – time stops and you can fully relax, enjoy amazing nature and finest food. This place was created to pamper you.

Esperanza Resort is designed to help guests relax, escape, and be pampered. This Luxury Eco-friendly resort is a stunning place to discover the natural beauty of Lithuania with an immense variety of year-round activities to enjoy. Gourmet cuisine, a fabulous spa, private beach, a pool & tennis courts, all within minutes of Vilnius centre.

“Actively involved in preserving nature resources”

By nature, the hospitality industry is a large consumer of energy and other resources. Esperanza Resort & SPA is actively involved in conserving resources (biodiversity, ecosystems and landscapes), as well as reducing pollution. To ensure the proper implementation of this policy, we have developed specific objectives and will monitor their progress and performance. Where required, proper corrective action will be implemented and these objectives will regularly be reviewed and improved when necessary. To guide the operations of the hotel to achieve the highest standards in energy and water conservation and waste reduction the impact on environmental quality and economic performance must be considered. To accomplish this goal, the hotel established procedures to consider energy and water use and waste reduction in the design and operation of hotel facilities in the most economical and environmentally friendly manner possible.

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