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Hiking in the heart of Vilnius

Vilnius is unbelievably comfortable for living. Unfortunatelly you can't visit it now, but I will tell you for future 44 % of the city is covered by woods. Some of which are in the heart of the town. When I was a teenager I used to take a book and go up the hill to read it. Slightly weird thing for a teenager to do. My excuse - we did not have internet then. And qurantine restrictions brought to our city some really amazing attractions!! Today I had a possibility to take part at a first historical excursion and hiking training! And it was a cool 2.5 hours hike from Cathedral Square into the Park of Hills with many off road paths and some small exercise. Truly recommend it! And Egle is a best guide for that, as she is also a professional kinesiotherapist. So don't forget to take your sports outfit on you n

ext trip to Vilnius and join me for a hike! @ Three Crosses

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