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Dive deep into Lithuania! Epic tour for Lithuanians!

Return to the homeland of your ancestors – Dive deep into Lithuania

1 day: Vilnius

Arrival to Vilnius. Panoramic tour. Overnight in Vilnius.

2 day: Vilnius

Full day tour of Vilnius, Medininkai, Trakai.

A capital of Lithuania for nearly 700 years – Vlnius is proud to have second largest collection of baroque architecture after Rome – come to explore city with us – St.Anna and Bernardine churches, University of Vilnius, Presidents Palace, Cathedral Square and Gedinimas castle, Gates of Dawn and Pilies street – andthat are just few places that we will visit today.

In the afternoon we will go to Medininkai – a spot on the border with Belarus where border guards were killed in 1991 – the last defenders that died for our independence. Later you will visit Trakai and the castle erected in the middle of the lake. This castle, contructed in the 15th centure reminds us about history of Grand Duchy of Lithuania which borders reached Baltic and Black seas.

On the way back to Vilnius we will stop by TV tower – the key place for all the independence fights in 1991 – to pay respect for those brave young people who were killed defending our weak independence.

3 Day: Vilnius – Kaunas

Head towards Kaunas, capital of Lithuania in between the wars. Visit to Rumsiskes national open air museum on the way. This is one of the largest national mueums in Europe where you can explore culture and traditions of Lithuania.

Kaunas is a place for modern style architecture, pre-war history and a city life. They say that city was really a center of Lithuanian culture and science in mid thirties, and only the WWII destroyed the vibes of Kaunas bomond parties.

4 day: Kaunas – Zypliai – Klaipeda

Today we will travel along the southern part of Lithuania and our highlights are totally unique places, that you most probably have never heard of, but they are very important in our history: Zapyskis and the church on the bank of the river Nemunas and Ploksciai – this tiny village in the begining of the 20th century was a beloved place for many prominent leaders of Lithuania and people tell stories that an author of Lithuanian anthem – Vincas Kudirka once felt in love here. You will definitely enjoy the ride along valleys of river Nemunas.

5 day: Klaipeda – Nida – Klaipeda

White sand dunes, antique fishermen villages and pine trees forests – all this, and many more you can find on a narrow sand strip in the Baltic sea called Curronian peninsular. The central town Nida - you will visit today, and drive all along the half of the peninsular that belongs to Lithuania. The other 50 kilometers of this national park is owned by Kaliningrad region, Russia.

6 day: Klaipeda – Hill of Crosses – Ignalina

Time to spend a night in a village. Today you will drive in the north of Lithuania, through the Hill of Crosses to Ignalina, visit some local farms and stay in one of them. Eastern part of the country is rich in national parks and the lakes – why not to try swimming in one of them? As well as amazing farms and mansions – one of the ECO Ilzebergo mansion we will visit together.

7 day: Ignalina – Vilnius

Through the never finishing ancients forests, visiting bee and honey museum, today you will return back to Vilnius.

8 day: Departure

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