Vilnius - south European flavour in between East and West

Vilnius – once a city found to be home for different nationalities still remain most international in Lithuania. The city that was born from Grand Duke Gediminas dream is still dreaming big! Changes that have been over the last 30 years are more like a miracle to happen. So welcome to young but classy, modern but preserving it’s history, perfect for active entertainment city! It’s a perfect walking city good for bicycles, scooters or kayaks!

SPA towns – Lithuania if famous for the SPA town – and what can be better than a weekend combining pleasure and work. Come for WORKATION to Druskininkai or Birstonas. We can offer amazing SPA hotels with modern conference facilities and that may be mind-breaking your office trip. Come to think an generate new ideas here!


Weekend in Vilnius

Vilnius is amazing wherever you think it is. or maybe it a good time to come and check? it's compact, it's historic, it's modern and welcoming!

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A Grand Tour of Lithuania

This is a tour specially designed for Lithuanian diaspora and their ancestors. if you know that you family is from Lithuania but you have never been here - thi stour is for you!

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SPA Holidays

SPA is in DNR of any local - where else for around 3 million inhabitants you will find so many towns specifically built for SPA treatments. Druskininkai, Birstonas, Anyksciai, or seaside resort Palanga - just pick!

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Hike & Grill

Summer / Autumn 2020

The ice age, that ended around 10 000 – 15 000 years ago formed up the landscape of Vilnius. The capital of Lithuania was found in 1323 by a Grand duke Gediminas in between two rivers and 6 hills. I am sure you did not think of this – but Vilnius is perfect for a wild hiking!

Lets start a game!

You will be divided into teams, get maps of the park and have to find listed objects! Be prepared climb up the hill, take steps down, recognize trees and track the tasks. This is a fun team work, nice time outside with your colleagues and achievable to everyone.

As all the teams will have to visit 5 hill tops be prepared for breath taking views and ready to take a lot of pictures. Vilnius is so different from the top!

We are sure – you will get hungry after the hike – so join us for the grill party. This magic place is located in the artist republic Uzupis which you will also visit during the game.

Places you will see: Cathedra Square, Gediminas castle, Hill of three crosses, Uzupis Angel, constitution and art street.

Duration: 3 – 4 hours.

Group size: up to 60 persons at one time.


Bike & Kayak

Summer / Autumn

Vilnius is one of a very few capitals in the world where you can actually make this. You will start tour on a bike. Half of the way you will bike through the old town of Vilnius, artist district – Užupis Republic and then get into the forest – its just few kilometres away from Vilnius city center. Reach the river and get into kayak. Easy to guess our plan – river will take you back to the center of Vilnius. As you can see you will do this tour with no bus ride at all! 

Places you will see: Cathedral Square, St. Ann and Bernardines Church, Orthodox cathedral, Uzupis bridge, Angel and Constitution. During kayaking – Puckoriu outcrop and Belmontas water falls.

Duration: 3 – 4 hours.

Group size: up to 40 persons at one time.

Uzupis Art tour

Summer / Autumn

Užupis is an Artist republic in the center of Vilnius most famous for it's sharp constitution:

Užupis Constitution was written one summer evening of 1998 by the Uzhupis citizens Romas Lileikis (later – President of Uzhupis) and Tomas Čepaitis (later – Minister of Foreign Affairs and sometimes the King:) It’s hard to say now who of them wrote which right, the only truth known to history is that President loves dogs, and Foreign minister loves cats, so articles about the rights of these citizens can be authorized.

Užupis Constitution, sometimes called the Constitution of the Old Towns (Medinas) became popular. It was proposed to make it in metal and hang on the wall. The first plaque was attached to the wall of the bar in the Užupio kavinė, where all the Revolution of Angels began. For others the long wall on the right side of the Paupio Lane was chosen. First plaques were Lithuanian and English, than – French, than (in 2002) translations into the Vilnius languages – Russian, Polish, Byelorussian (Georgian board also fall in the middle:)) and Yiddish, and from the 2009 plagues are unveiled yearly.