Gourmet tour of Lithaunia & Latvia

This is a tour for all art and food lovers!

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Day 1 Arrival to Riga.

Day 2 You will spend full day in the capital of Latvia. Riga was found more than 700 years ago, but we can call 20th century as the golden age of this city. Morning tour of the old town. And for lunch we offer you a company of famous chef. First, enjoy the tour to the old Riga market, and then cooking together. Today is time for Latvian cuisine, that was influenced by northern location and many nationalities that used to live here. Germans and Swedish, Russians, Jews – all nationalities left their marks in the national Latvian cuisine and today you are going to learn about it. After the lunch – boat tour on the canal of Riga with small Riga’s balsam tasting – this will be a digestive just on time after rich lunch.


Day 3 Morning tour of Art Nouveau district and departure to Abava winery. Lunch and tour of the winery. After small wine tasting you will departure to Salos resort and visit to the special bee house for bee massage - apitherapy. Try honey liquor based sorbet after dinner!

Day 4 Through the hill of Crosses a world famous sight, you will reach Birzai – a center of Lithuanian beer. The northern part of Lithuania is famous for good milk, good beer and honey – today we will try to show you all. Firs of all visit to Birzai “Sakotis factory”, this cake is a most famous attribute of all