Tallinn - northern city with heart melting architecture

Tallinn – is for huge conferences and short city escapes. The town is tiny, but that is the strength! You will come to medieval town that looks exactly like Disney castle! 

And Estonian islands is a perfect place for your active holiday.

Fun weekend in Tallinn

Tallinn is the ideal size for a short break - small enough to feel comfortable and big enough to have fun. And it's much reccomend for modern art lovers.

Active vacation in the Baltics

Kayaking, hiking, biking, swamp visiting, yachting, and much more - Estonia like other Baltic states is amazing for active holidays.

Berry and mushroom picking

Have you tried that? You can come to the Baltics and with our local guides take a wlk to the rich forests!

Travel Deli

Travel Deli was born form a dream to show Baltics to the world! Twenty years being a guide I have learned that most people who come to Vilnius, Riga or Tallinn still had totally different image before coming. Something about Eastern Europe, post-soviet, grey and sad. That is completely different from reality. Yes, all three countries once in twentieth century were in Soviet Union, but for 45 years only. This is terribly short in comparing with the history of Lithuania that starts in 1009, or Riga – dated back in 1201, or Tallinn that was built in 1219. Lithuania once was the largest country in Europe and locals are very proud of that. We have always been in the historical crossroads and that just made us more interesting, much stronger and surer about our long and bright future. Look at the countries now – Estonia is a first to have e-elections, Latvia – developing strong airline or Lithuania, becoming a political leader in all Eastern – Western European negotiations. All three countries has strong economic growth, fastest WiFi in the world and friendly environment both for working or visiting!

Our destinations: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Belarus. Baltic States is not an unknown destination anymore – but have you been there?

What we do: group travel, incentives, conferences, meetings, product launches.

contact us: info@traveldeli.lt


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