Minsk - top incentive destination

Minsk – the most undiscovered capital in Europe, once a very closed one, now opening its doors to international visitors and you going to be amazed! New infrastructure makes your stay easy and pleasant but apart of that a totally different city is waiting for you – mysterious with its habits, but very friendly and natural.


Weekend in Minsk

It's new destination for most of you, but Minsk is visa free already  three years and can offer amazing infrastructure - new hotels, abundancy of restaurants and some very interesting architecture.


For teams: visit to Belaz factory

Belaz trucks are the flagman of Belorus industry, and you can visit a factory where they are produced, even try to climb this huge truck. We am sure - you will be amazed!


Jewish Belarus

A huge Litvak history cover Lithuania and Latvia. Did you know that Vilna Gaon was born in a small village in Belarus and further lived and tought in Vilnius. come to trace his path.